Friday, February 20, 2009

A Week Off?

This week Dave has the week off of work. Hooray!!!... well sort of. It's a mandatory shut-down to cut costs. (Not so hooray...) And this being his company, having "the week off" means that he only had to go in at midnight once, he only spends a couple hours a day on calls or emails and had one day where he worked 6 hours on a presentation. I guess it makes more sense if you take into account that every week when Dave turns in his electronic timecard (which seems silly to me for salaried employess, but I'm not the boss) it says "40 hours" even though he usually works between 60 and 80. This week, his timecard had "40 hours" in the "Paid Time Off" column. So I guess if you really do the math, it kinda makes sense: he had 40 hours off, so he only had to work about 20-40 hours instead of 60-80. ;)

Should I say hooray? Would you?

1 comment:

Kathy Rump said...

That makes no sense....period.
Do they need a women to come in and straighten things out for them? Geesh.