Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bath! Jane Austen! Bath!

Today Megan and I touched down at London Heathrow for the beginning of our European adventure. Our flight for in two hours late, after which we took a train to London and another train to Bath. 

For those of you who are not Jane Austen-ites, Bath is a setting in many of her novels and a place of pilgrimage for her fans. We are staying in a Georgian townhouse that was here during Jane Austen's lifetime (built in 1791). This is our personal sitting room, decorated in the style of the period. 
Bath is a great place to explore on foot.
We crossed the scenic Pulteney Bridge into the historic centre of Bath. 
Then we went to the Pump Room (yes, the same one in Persuasion!) and had a spot of afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream. 

Then we explored a bit on foot, first to Bath Abbey, then to "the circus" (Latin for circle-- a giant circle of buildings), the Crescent (same concept, different shape) and some gardens. 

After a quick stop at Boston Tea
party (yes, in Bath) for smoothies and Butternut Squash Feta Salad with Pine Nuts we were off to see the ancient Roman Baths (fed by a natural hot spring), lit by torch at twilight. 
In our meanderings we came across the first place to sell "Sally Lunn" bread (one of Camryn's favorites). 

We finished our day by wandering back to our bed and breakfast and enjoying an elegant Jane Austen-like repast of beef jerky and chocolate covered pretzels whilst amiably enjoying a brief repose in our sitting room.