Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blown Over

Now that I have my rant out of my system and my psycho week has past, it's time for some perspective.

Observation #1: The name change for a choir was a good thing. The new name is better and more unique. And if I'm being completely honest, it probably wouldn't have been so last minute if I hadn't been so resistant to it at the beginning.

Observation #2: The flier looks much better now than my initial version did. So it turned out to be a good thing for the flier in the long run as well.

Observation #3: Nobody asked me to make the flier in the first place, let along single-handedly revamp it. This stress (like so much in my life) was self-imposed. There were plenty of people who were willing to help me with it if I hadn't been a control freak about it.

Observation #4: I think I sometimes am addicted to chaos, or at least to projects-- even manufacturing it/them for myself so I have a justification for not being perfect in other areas of my life.

So there you have it, Karen's psycho-analysis of the day. =] Right now Jackson is at that difficult stage where he is busy and destructive: he dumps cereal on the floor, he grabs my mouse and starts clicking while I am typing, he throws his food on the floor from his high chair, he opens my music binders and tries to rip music out, he takes off his diaper and walks around the house peeing on stuff until I catch him, he empties the diaper pail (leaving a trail of diapers behind him), he dumps the folded laundry over the stair railing, etc., etc., etc. If I just make an honest-to-goodness effort to do my job well (to keep the house clean, tidy and organized, meals prepared, laundry done) up against this kind of opposition I would (and do) fail miserably most of the time. BUT-- if I have a project!!!- this gives me an excuse for having me house look like it does. See, it's not because I'm incompetent and a bad housekeeper and don't watch my 15-month-old closely enough that my house is messy, oh no.... It's because I'm so busy with other, ahem, more important things, that I just don't have time to get to it. But if I weren't so busy with important things -let me assure you- I would shine just as brilliantly at my housekeeping as I do at everything else that I do. ;)

So at what point do you just admit defeat and say, "You know what... my house is a mess and even when my husband had a whole week off of work we didn't make a dent." Speaking of which, Jackson just walked in brushing his teeth with Jared's Pokemon toothbrush and proudly shaking the bottle of Camryn's fluoride pills. I think this is my signal to go.

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Lara said...

I whole heartedly sympathize (agree didn't seem to be the right word) with Observation #4. I'm working on it.