Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workin' It

Today I planted a bunch of plants in our front yard. I am in a race against time to see if I can finish planting the front yard before we leave for California on Saturday. Do you think I can do it? (Or the bigger question: can I do it and still get all of my bathrooms clean before I leave?) Should I really have bought the last 7 plants today that I need to finish the landscape plan? (Please don't answer that.)

Today I also removed three big bushes and broke a shovel in half in the process. It was even our "good shovel" (not the one that the handle bends if you push too hard). Doesn't that make me sound burly and strong-- especially for a pregnant lady? =] "Yeah, I was out working the yard pulling out a couple of bushes and our flimsy shovel just broke in half... they just don't make them the way they used to."

So maybe our shovel was getting old and on its last leg... maybe I was trying to use it as leverage to get the roots to budge... but I wouldn't want to spoil a great story for the sake of a few details =].

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