Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twenty Questions

As we left for California, about 5 minutes into our trip Jared and Camryn were complaining that they were bored. We have a portable DVD player, but I refuse to plug them in the second we get in the car. Dave suggested we play 20 Questions to try to get some non-screen time.

"When it's your turn, think of a thing and then everyone else will ask 20 Questions to try to figure out what it is." Sounds simple enough. Jared went first.

Me: Is it alive? "No"
Dave: Does it run on electricity? "Yes"
Camryn: Is it your backpack? ---"Camryn," Dave said, "you're supposed to ask questions ABOUT the thing to help you figure out what it is. Don't just guess right away. Ask something to help you figure out how big it is.

Camryn: How big is it?
-- Dave: "No, Camryn, it has to be a yes or no question. Ask a question like this: Is it bigger than the cooler?" "Yes"
Camryn (interrupting): Is it my Webkinz? "No"

Me: Is it inside the car? "No"
Camryn: Is it Jackson?

Maybe we should have just had them watch a movie....

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