Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curves Ahead...

We made it to California on Saturday in a mostly uneventful drive. The kids and I have settled in at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Dave flew back home on Monday night.

Since we arrived, my mom and I have been entertaining ourselves by shopping. (This would be a much better form of entertainment if I hadn't blown a big chunk of my monthly budget on plants for the yard.) I am finally outgrowing the last of my "bigger" regular clothes and need maternity clothes all around. I got out my box of maternity clothes before I left for CA and got back a few things that I had lent out. To my horror, a lot of my maternity clothes from my last pregnancy are already tight and don't stand a prayer of lasting the whole pregnancy. And this is even though I only gained 1 pound last month!

I know it is pointless to obsess about your weight while you are pregnant. I also know that getting bigger around the middle while you are pregnant is pretty much inevitable. But excuse me for a moment while I moan, "Why me? I don't want to be fat!" OK, I know it being pregnant is different than just gaining weight. It is a localized bump, not an all around broadening (at least in theory...) and it looks cute. Right? Right??? Well, unfortunately I don't really feel cute, just big. I feel bigger now than I did at the end of my last pregnancy and I'm only 5 months along. I'm really hoping that I just have an overactive imagination and not an overactive appetite.

So, to remedy the situation, my mom and I have been shopping for new maternity clothes that are cute and fit me well (instead of looking like my tummy is about to pop through at any moment). We have found some cute things and this has helped, but dangit I still just feel big. I know... I did this same thing the last time I was pregnant and I just need to accept it and not be self-conscious about it. Big can be beautiful, big can be beautiful, I love my curves, Round and Proud, Round and proud....

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