Friday, June 19, 2009

Bon Voyage

I have been in California for almost one week now. My mom figures that for family visiting trips it takes about a week to show up, unpack, get settled and do projects before you are ready to actually go out and do anything (unless you count going out to lunch). =] True to form, we have spent this week shopping for maternity clothes and making a formal to take on the cruise. When I get back from Seattle/Alaska, we plan on actually taking the kids to the beach, and going to do some fun outings.

Meanwhile, I'm realizing that I really am quite pregnant- and out of shape to boot. Pushing Jackson around the mall in his stroller for a couple of hours (granted, he is over 30 pounds...) feels like a full-fledged workout. Yeah... I guess that means I'm not exactly in top shape. The one exception is my arms, which are plenty toned from toting 30-lb. Jackson around. I always find it a little funny when people say I shouldn't be lifting stuff while I'm pregnant. While I think it is very thoughtful, most things I try to lift aren't nearly as heavy as Jackson, who gets carried around, pulled out of trouble and put in or taken out of his carseat or stroller all day long. To truly avoid any heavy lifting, I'd have to have a nanny. But I digress...

Tomorrow morning I fly to Seattle, where I will meet Dave to leave on our cruise. We will get to enjoy (that doesn't seem quite strong enough of a word... maybe savor?) a full 7 days without the kids. As much as I love my kids, I'm thrilled for the break (Thanks mom! I know your house will recover eventually...), for the chance to sleep in, for the trip and especially the time with Dave, minus cell phone calls, tele-conferences and work emails. Now if I can only avoid gaining 15 pounds while on the cruise, all will be well. =]

I will be "at sea" for the next week so I will be pretty much off-line. But, just in case you can't live without my posts for an entire week (ha ha), as a going-away present I have set up some catch-up stuff to post each day that I am gone. Enjoy!

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Lara said...

Oh oh oh! ARe you going on the same cruise we just went on? I'm so excited for you! We had so much fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!