Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jackson's Growing Vocabulary

A while ago I was starting to worry that maybe Jackson was going to be a late talker. He seemed to have the concept there and had said or repeated quite a few words once or twice, but the only words he seemed to say on a regular basis were "mama," "dada," "nana" or "baba."

In the past couple of weeks his vocabulary has started to take off. A few weeks ago he said his first two-syllable word: raisin. Since then (at least when he gets the desire- there is no possible way to induce him to do it on command) he will repeat it proudly over and over ("ray-sin, ray-sin"), beaming like he just invented the wheel. Since we've been at Grandma's house for a couple weeks, he's added "ga-ma" and "dog" to his repertoire of words. He has also been caught saying "cheese," "shoe," "oje" (orange), and his latest... "water." He has said milk a couple of times, but he finds it much easier at Grandma's house to just open the fridge, get out the milk carton and bring it to you when he wants some (Grandma's fridge is much easier to open than ours and she keeps her milk lower on the door).

It is still -even on my third child- so fun to see them grow up and learn how to interact with the world. It is amazing to see how quickly they grow and figure out how to do things-- and so cute to see how proud they are of themselves when they figure something out.

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