Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Welcome Break

Today was our Relief Society (church women's group) Super Saturday Activity. Basically you spend half a day doing crafts. I am not a super-crafty person, (I enjoy crafts but am not super-talented in that department) but the chance to have several hours with no kids (okay, with only 1 of the 4) and adults to talk to? Woo hoo! The best part is that at a Relief Society activity there is no end of other ladies who are willing to hold your baby for you while you do your projects. Dave even willingly watched  the other three kids while I was gone. (Did I mention that I love this man?) So the fact that Camryn is still in her pj's? Well it will make her ready for bed that much sooner, right? (Did I use too many parentheses in this post? Don't answer that.) =]