Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yesterday I saw a friend had posted something about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month for the uninititated-- you try to post every day for the month). I started to say, "Why is she posting about that? NaBloPoMo isn't until November!" And then I realized it is November. Oops. Wow, this year has flown by....

Unfortunately because it is the 3rd, that means that I've already missed two days and I'm behind already. Sheesh. Well maybe my two extra posts for today will count to catch me up....

Last night we were having Family Night in the living room. Unfortunately the kids were distracted by the fact that there was a perfect full moon out and you could see it clearly right through the living room window (we have a window that is up on the level with the 2nd story). The lesson was on serving others and I was trying to at least get through the story part of the lesson. After a minute or two of excitement about the moon, Jared and Camryn settled down and listened to the story. But Jackson was obsessed.

Jackson: "Mom! Mom!"
Me: "What Jackson?"
Jackson: "Mooooo!!!! Moooo!!! (pointing out the window at the moon)
Me: "Yes. I see the moon. It's very pretty. Now, Jared and Camryn, what are some things that we can do to serve our family?"
Jackson: "Mom! Mom!"
Me: "How do we feel when we serve others?"
Jackson: (more urgently) "Mom!!! Mom!!!"
Me: "What Jackson?"
Jackson: (pointing out the window) "Moooon!! Moooo!!"

I would try to go back to the lesson and about ten seconds later, Jackson would interrupt me- "Mom!!!! Mom!!!!"- and try as I might, he would not stop until I let him point out the moon and I acknowledged that I saw the cool moon out our window. This happened over and over, literally 10 or 15 times until each time he said "Moooon!" the two older kids burst out laughing. This only added fuel to Jackson's fire. He would point out the moon and then grin at how clever and funny he was.

Finally, Dave got home and interrupted the whole thing. Jackson was finally pacified by having a new person to whom he could point out the moon and we were able to finish our lesson. Of course, Jared and Camryn were totally distracted by that point, but, at least we did finish....

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