Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summer-y Summary Part VI: The Best of the Rest

Here are some other summer highlights.... Jackson's shopping cart (gotten for free from a friend). Jackson spent days diligently pushing this cart the house. Jared got the idea of using it to push Jackson (worked great for about 5 minutes- then Jackson tipped over).

We didn't get a chance to do an all-out blackberry picking trip (my huge belly and pregnancy fatigue finally caught up with me). We didn't even make a single batch of blackberry freezer jam. But we managed to pick some berries at a friend's house and from the berry patch down the street.

But before we knew it, school was starting again. Here are the pictures of Jared and Camryn on their first day of 3rd grade and 1st grade.



Ranell said...

The look of pure joy on Jackson's face while riding in the cart is priceless. And I love Camryn's sleepy eyes on the first day of school. Great photos!

Ranell said...

I read my first comment and realized it sounded like I was being sarcastic about the photos, but I really meant, great photos, not in a snotty way or anything.