Monday, November 9, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Right now Jackson is at a stage where he is obsessed with buttons (except he calls them "butties"). He roams the house looking for things with buttons to press. Then he presses all of them to see what happens. The phone, the wall oven, the TV, the stereo, the alarm clock, the remote control-- all are sources of new "butties" for him to explore.

Jackson now has a new kind of button that he loves- belly buttons. He also calls them "butties." (Incidentally, Camryn's word for belly button was "tuppin." We thought that was so cute that we actually tried to get Jackson to adopt it, but to no avail.) When Jackson gets changed into his jammies at night he likes always has to look for his "buttie."

But today he made a new discovery: Adelyn has a buttie! Now whenever I change Addy's diaper he comes over and says, "Where's da buttie? Dere it is!" Then he points to it and giggles and laughs like he just discovered a gold mine. Then he gives baby a big hug and goes "Bee-bee! Buttie!" Simple pleasures.

(You can tell it's a low on inspiration day when I'm writing about belly buttons. I have been waiting to do a "Memory Monday" post about when Dave and I were dating, but I can't get my scanner to work to scan the pictures... probably because someone has been pressing some "butties". That's what I get for growing up in the non-digital stone age.)

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Ranell said...

Butties are his best buddies! He sure is a cute, crazy kid!