Friday, November 6, 2009

Summer-y Summary Part V: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Remember the huge remodel of our yard I did back in July?
I managed to only kill three plants of the 50+ new plants I planted. Those plants have have already been replaced. (I am blaming a sprinkler malfunction for their untimely demise.)

I would say that record is pretty dang good considering that we had record-shattering heat at the end of July.

So you can see that the plants are growing and looking great. (Pat self loudly on back.)

Okay, I just need to remind myself at this phase (when I am getting nothing done) that once upon a time I could do projects.... Someday...


Greek Goddess said...

Beautiful garden! I know how much work it can be!

Jadie said...

Your yard does look awesome!