Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Urgent Message

Yesterday my mom called me to make sure that Dave and I had gotten back from Utah okay. (Did I mention that Dave and Addy and I went to Utah for the weekend? We flew out Friday morning and came back Sunday night. We were gone for a grand total of 55 hours. More on that in another post.) Of course, we had gotten back just fine and so I was chatting with my mom when Jared came up and started gesturing to me like he had something to say. Jared knows he is not supposed to interrupt me while I'm talking on the phone, so I motioned for him to just wait until I was off the phone to tell me whatever he had to say. But he kept gesturing and acting like it was really urgent so finally I asked my mom to hold on for a minute.

"Jared," I said, "what did you need to tell me?"
Jared pointed to our bunch of bananas sitting on the counter. "Look at the sticker mom!"

Sure enough, there was a sticker with a picture of a cartoon monkey on our bananas.

"Mom, the monkey on that sticker is from 'Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.' We have that Wii game!"

And that is what Jared so urgently needed to tell me that warranted interrupting my phone call.

Aren't you glad to know what is truly important in life?

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Ranell said...

Whew, I gotta tell you, it felt like longer than 55 hours to me! As much as I love your kids (even Jackson) I am decidedly NOT cut out to have 6 kids all the time!

We have the same rule at our house about interruptions on the phone, and when there is a problem, it almost always is about food or the Wii; at least our kids are consistent in what they feel is 'urgent'.