Saturday, March 13, 2010

Riding into Battle

Once Dave and I were together with my sisters and Dave's sister Jen (who is a full-fledged honorary sister to my whole family) and we were playing a game of "True Colors", where you read a statement and then vote on what you think people think about you (You get points by predicting accurately whether you will get the most votes, some of the votes or none of the votes). The question was "You are riding into battle for a hopeless cause. Who leads the charge?" I thought this one was obvious: everyone would vote for Dave. I voted for Dave and then guessed that I would get none, so I was floored when I got the most votes. "But what about Dave?" I asked.

My youngest sister, Megan, who has a knack for observing and analyzing people commented on it:

"If we ever had to work together to go into battle for some hopeless cause or something like that, Dave would be the one who came up with a plan, organizing everyone and telling them what to do. Jen would be the one who finally said, 'Let's not just stand around planning forever,' and made everyone actually get into action. And Karen, she is the one who would ride at the front of the army into battle on a charging horse, waving a flag in the air."

The imagery of it just made me laugh out loud. I had never really thought of it like that before, but I could totally picture it- me Don-Quixote-like on my horse, riding into certain death. I wonder if I would have my diaper bag with me?


Jen said...

Yes yes yes! This was possibly the most insightful true colors round ever experienced. Hoorah for leading the troops!

K kid said...

I had totally forgotten that this landmark observation was prompted by a game of "True Colors." I think the question was something like, "You are about to go into battle. Who leads the charge?" and I was totally baffled and astounded that I got the most votes.