Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life in Jacksonville

Today has been an all around winner day. Yes that is sarcastic. Some days being the parent of a two-year-old is just plain too much for me. Let me preface this post by saying that Jackson, bless his heart, [Don't people always say that right before they're about to say something negative? As if it somehow counteracts it?] is one of the sweetest, cutest children I have ever met (I'm not biased)- a veritable embodiment of joy and the sheer delight of living. But... (you know it was coming as soon as I said "bless his heart") I don't know if I am going to survive this child (delightful angelic-smiled, sweet blond-mop-of-hair, celestially-blue-eyed boy that he is)!

This... kid... is... a... handful.

I was watching a friend's one-year-old daughter today and Jackson (bless his heart) spent the whole time trying to push her off the slide (happily, with a loving smile on his face), taking toys away from her or seeing how big of a toy he could throw at her before she would break down and bawl. I would immediately take him into another room and put him on "time out" (rather pointless with a two-year-old) or try to distract him with some other thing to do, but no entertainment I could provide was quite as fun as persecuting Natalie.

I finally got Jackson to leave Natalie alone and he immediately went to baby Adelyn as his new source of entertainment, seeing how hard he could fling her bouncy seat (you ain't seen a "bouncy seat" until you've seen Jackson work it), laying on top of her in a happy smother, drooling on her face, permanently staining her clothes (by kissing her belly with red-pepper stained lips, of course!), vigorously pushing her baby swing (no lazy-swinging ride for this baby!) or attempting to feed her a fruit leather (that one she actually liked). I cannot tell you how many times I have put Addy down for a nap in her co-sleeper only to find Jackson climbing in with her (in other words, climbing on top of her) a few minutes later. If only I got a dollar for every time I said, "Don't sit on the baby!" or "Don't poke the baby!" or "Don't slobber on the baby!" or "Don't lay on top the baby and stick your fingers in her eyes!".....

I usually do a decent job of harnessing my inner two-year-old and keeping some semblance of control through all of this (although I almost laughed out loud when Jackson got mad at Jared the other day and showed his anger by yelling and hurling a pair of my shoes at him). But there are some days when I think, "Why can't I just yell 'No!' at the top of my lungs, throw shoes when I get mad, demand whatever I want NOW and leave messes to get cleaned up by other people?" (Oh wait. Then I would be a celebrity and not a two-year-old.)

We have our cherished daily routines: I try to check my email or work on my laptop while Jackson demands to watch "Bird" or starts pushing random buttons as fast as he can (if this doesn't work he tries to close my laptop lid and sit on it or just kick the keyboard). Jackson getting at least 5 fruit leathers out of the cupboard. At least 3 stinky diapers and one soiled onesie (at least he's regular...). Attempts to fold laundry followed by the family favorite game of "laundry jumping." Attempts to do dishes punctuated by desperate attempts to save Addy from her brother's "love." About 17 requests to go to "Uh-nell's house" or "yell's house" (translation: Ranell's house; apparently she is way more fun than I am).

Jackson is becoming a great talker with an amazing vocabulary. He can get across almost whatever he needs to-- and it is pretty dang cute: "Uh-nell's house! Car! Socks and shoes! NO! Dis way!!" or "Taco. Cheese rop." [Taco bell Cheese roll-up]). The problem is that while he has learned to ask for what he wants quite well, it is much harder to get him to understand that, yes, I understand what he wants to have, but, no, he can't have it. Add to this that he is a persistent boy and you get a day-long chorus of requests to go outside, to the car, for milk or to go to Ranell's house (all the highlights of Jackson's existence, apparently). It makes it very tempting to give in to all of those requests so he will flash one of his million-dollar smiles and give you an approving, "Uh-huh!"(like 'You're the smartest grown-up I know.') instead of a humongous tantrum.

I had something else profound to say, but Jackson (who had fallen asleep in the car) is awake now and Addy is unhappy that she got set down. So any profound thoughts will have to wait for another post.

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Jared and Allyson said...

Boy does this post remind me of precisely what I go through every day with my two-year-old. Although, I have to say that I think you handle it a whole lot better than I do! Thanks for sharing and making my life feel a little bit more normal. :)