Thursday, March 18, 2010

Carnival Pictures

So here are the pictures from the school carnival:
Addy: "Wow! I've never been to a carnival before!"
Jackson: "Uggghh, I think I overdosed on kettle corn."

Hanging out in the "wild west."

Camryn is one to come prepared, steed and all.

Jared was extraordinarily proud of the root beer he won in the ring toss. He made sure I understood in no uncertain terms that Dave and I were not allowed to drink any of it while we had our late-night TV parties after the kids are in bed. Dangit.

Plum tuckered out. Eating massive amounts of kettle corn can do that to you.

But Camryn is still going strong- the night is young!
What better way to finish the night than by getting your face painted?

Jared getting his face painted- with Harry Potter's lightning-shaped scar, of course!

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Carolina said...

Looks like lots of fun! I do think you are an awesome mom, especially for braving those crowds with four kids!