Sunday, November 16, 2008

One-Armed Woman

Today after dinner I loaded the entire dishwasher using only one hand. (Thank you, Jackson.) Yes, I am amazing. =] It is astonishing what unique skills you discover about yourself by having kids that you never knew you had before:

Doing all kinds of things with one arm (while a baby is perched on your other hip).
It is possible to nurse a baby and cook dinner at the same time (only under duress, mind you, but possible, just the same).
How to sleep and nurse simultaneously.
How to tell by noise alone what your kids are doing in the other room.
Going to Costco with three kids (Enough said, all hats are off-- holding the screaming child or toting the baby in the front pack, whilst reading the shopping list, checking the mailer for coupons, calling for the one who has wandered to the samples... truly multi-tasking at its finest).

I could think of more, but it's late. Do you have any amazing skills parenting has taught you?


Lara said...

I have had to nurse the baby while grocery shopping.

Also, I can pick up stuff with my feet. Another skill borne of the necessity of carrying around babies, making it too hard to lean down and pick things up.

Greek Goddess said...

I've nursed the baby while standing in line at disneyland, although I don't know if that's really all that impressive. I've held a baby on my lap while washing the kitchen floor. I've held a 30 pound baby on my hip while cooking dinner with all four burners going. I can sleep while my kids are in the same room watching Sesame street (I never could sleep with the TV going no matter how tired I was).

K kid said...

I am also blessed with the gift of toe-picking-upping.... and I have nursed in the checkout line at costco- if that counts, =] but I don't think I've done in line at Disneyland... yet...