Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Funny Kid Quotes

Jared and I had a conversation about how old I am. I asked him if he could guess what year I was born in.

Jared: "Hmmm, 19.... um, 1988?
Me: Nope, it's lower than that.

After a bunch of guesses and clues, he finally figured it out. I then asked him to guess Dad's birth year.

Jared: "Hmmmm, 18........"

Camryn brought home a wedding card from Kindergarten. Her teacher has lots of leftover anniversary/wedding/birthday cards she lets the kids use. When she showed it to Jared, he said,
"You should save this for when somebody you love gets married." Camryn: "Yeah, that's why I'm saving it for Denmark." (Her friend that she says she is going to marry.)

Camryn: If we are still alive when Jesus comes again, we should make him a special treat.

Jared: The biggest pumpkin in the world was 1000 lbs.! That's almost as big as dad!


Ranell said...

That sure sounds like your kids! Gotta love 'em. You're so good at remembering and blogging about what they say ... I'm sure my kids say some great stuff too, but I can never remember it when it comes time to blog (so I just skip it and go read other peoples' blogs instead.) All or nothing thinking, me? Nooooo, couldn't be!

Jadie said...

"make him a special treat"...ahhh! I'm going to quote her on that!

DLR said...

That is one big pumpkin if it is almost as big as dad!

Rebecca said...

Agh! I found you yet again!