Friday, November 14, 2008

National Blogging Month?

So I heard from a friend that it is National Blogging Month. I have a whole bunch of friends who are "taking the challenge" and doing a blog post every single day this month. I made up my mind at book club on November 11th that I was going to try it (from Nov. 12th to Dec. 12th). And here is where I am.... I really have a lot to say. I just haven't had time to write it and I'm trying to find the right "voice" for this blog. Do I want it to be my journal? My public commentary? My "post pictures of the kids" place? All of the above? None of the above? I really over-analyze things and this, alas, is no exception.


Lara said...

unsolicited advice:

Just write. After a while, you'll figure out what feels best for you and your blog. That's how it happened for me. Sometimes I still have blog-dentity crises, but only when I get caught up in what everyone else is doing on their blogs and thinking I'm missing something.

The official name for National Blogging Month is NaBloPoMo. I think it's a silly name, but I wish more of my friends would take the challenge...I need more reading material! :)

LCM said...

Isn't that funny? Sometimes I want to blog, but I am not sure if I have anything worth saying. I just like reading what everyone is up to. Good luck!