Monday, November 17, 2008

Jackson Speaks and Other Exciting News

In big news of today, Jackson said his first identifiable word! He has loved to babble for months (da-da being his favorite), but we have never been able to pinpoint that his words actually refer to anything in particular... until today. This morning Jackson was sitting in his high chair and babbling and I thought I heard him say "na-na." I went to his high chair, picked up a banana and held it up. "Is this what you want?" He looked at it, smiled and said, "Na," followed later by "na-na." Of course, tonight after Dave got home I tried to have Jackson repeat this feat for me and he just smiled and stared at me like "I have no idea what you are talking about." =]

In other big news, my friend Ranell had her baby today! I have been watching her kids for her since last night (she was going in to be induced early this morning), so I spent all day wondering how labor was going and if the baby had come yet. Baby Natalie came at 11:03 this morning and later this evening Connie and Michael got to go meet their new baby sister.

The whole experience just reminded me of almost one year ago when I had Jackson. Ranell watched my two older kids while I went to the hospital to be induced. It's amazing how quickly (and slowly...) the year has gone by. So much has happened since then... we sold and bought a house, moved, Jared started 2nd grade, Camryn started kindergarten, Jackson has learned to crawl (even up and down stairs). And still so much is the same: we are still loving living here in the Northwest, trying to survive busy work schedules, getting Jared off to school in the morning and enjoying wonderful moments amid all of the craziness of everyday life. It still never ceases to amaze me... the wonder of a new person coming into the world.

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