Saturday, May 7, 2011


Last Saturday we took Jared and Camryn skiing. It was the second time we took them this season. They had an all-day lesson the first time and a shorter lesson this time, so by the end of the day they could ski most of the lower bowl. We could actually ski together as a group and have fun. This was of course a long way from where we started.

On our first run of the day it started out with some barely downhill could-be-cross-country-skiing paths. As soon as we got to the part of the mountain that was actually downhill, Camryn refused to ski and launched into a tantrum and tears and “Why can’t we ski at the place we skied last time instead?” I skied with Jared while Dave dealt with the crying and protestations that it was too hard and why couldn't she just get back on the lift and take it back down the mountain. When Jared and I had gotten to the bottom of the mountain, taken the lift back up and caught up to them on our second time down, I told Dave to trade places with me. I spent another 20 minutes trying to convince her that she could get down the mountain in one piece if she would just try and do what I showed her.

After who knows how long, she finally followed me down the mountain, slowly, turn by turn. At the bottom of the hill she agreed that it actually was was fun, she didn't die-- and she even wanted to do it again. 

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