Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Father Son Campout

Last night Dave took Jared and Jackson camping at the beach for a church Father/Son Campout. I told Jared to pack a change of clothes into a bag and he did-- along with a package of hot dogs and a half-open bag of giant marshmallows. (I wish I had a picture of the stuff in his bag amid the pajamas and socks...)

Today they are playing on the beach before coming home. These photos are brought to you courtesy of emails from Dave's Blackberry. (Isn't technology amazing?) I love how Jared is dressed in his swimsuit on the gray, freezing Oregon beach. At least he's prepared for the best.... :)

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Emily said...

hey Karen,

A friend of mine and I might go to Paris this December. She's been a TON of time and I've never been. We're thinking about spending just a under a week... what sights should we DEFINITELY see? Or, I guess what sights should *I* definitely see, since she's seen them? Haha. We'll probably start off in London then make our way to Paris. (I'm re-reading your Europe posts.) Thanks!