Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Laughs

I seem to blog in spurts. Either I write every single day for a week straight or I go for two weeks without posting at all. So here is a bit of random-ness.

Last weekend Dave and I took Jared and Camryn skiing. In the course of the day (during tears/tantrum about not being able to get down the mountain) I promised Camryn a slurpee if she would do three turns without falling. My bribery worked so I got sucked into getting her one of the world's junkiest junk foods on the way home. (Wouldn't it be more efficient to just hook up an IV with sugar in it?) On our way into 7-11 we saw a slurpee poster advertising the new movie, "Thor."

I don't know what it was about the poster or if maybe I was just loopy from skiing too much, but the poster made me laugh out loud. Every time I looked up at it while we were there I started giggling again. I was just struck by the silly ridiculous poses of the people on the poster. The blond guy (presumably Thor?) holding some kind of a meat mallet with a look that says, "I know this pose is ridiculous, but you know my hair looks better than yours."

But the best was the green man. I don't know what character he was supposed to be, but he just had the best look on his face:

His whole face seems to say, "Um, I'm wearing a green space suit and a hat with big horns. Is this why I went to drama school? I'm trying really hard to look serious, but whoa is this embarrassing-- and it's plastered up at every 7-11 in the nation. I hope my ex-girlfriend doesn't see this...."

Anyway, it's hard to know why certain things strike us as funny, but I still start laughing out loud just by looking at this picture. Thank you, green big-horned-hat man. :)

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Ranell said...

Funny! He does have a funny look on his face. Good interpretation of his thoughts!

Looking forward to more of the current 'blog spurt'. I'm the same way! In fact, I had a little spurt myself, to the tune of 12 posts in one day! Go take a look when you get a moment. Don't worry, I don't expect you to leave comments on EVERY post, but one or two would be lovely!