Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Cooking?

I have always loved to cook. Cooking was a family tradition when I was growing up. We had a special love of cookie dough (as you can see).
Sunday cookie-making at its finest.
But experimenting out of the box was acceptable too. (I think these were Egg and Cheese Omelet Cups.)

So I guess rocking it in the kitchen has been a longstanding hobby/tradition for me. :) (Or at least rocking wild aprons....)

I don't remember if this awesome hat/apron combination was sewn by myself or one of my sisters....

I will try to ignore the fact that I just put plastic wrap on top of a pie and all of that delicious crispy homemade crust is steaming to a slow death.... I was only 11.
Recently Dave and I have taken up cooking together occasionally as a weekend hobby. Green Curry, Red Curry, Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup and Sizzled Citrus Shrimp have been on our recent menus.
Sizzled Lemon-Lime Shrimp with Cilantro
I don't make cookies nearly as often as we did growing up (in a marginally successful attempt to control my waistline), but I still love to cook and try new recipes and often make attempts to pass this love of good food and cooking on to my kids.

On Saturday a couple of weeks ago, Jared woke me up and asked me to come down for breakfast. He had made pancakes. He got out the griddle, opened the cookbook and made them completely himself with no adult supervision. Since then, he has repeated this feat twice (once on a school day!). 

He informed me (on the school day that he made pancakes) that there wasn't any syrup so they just had them with cinnamon sugar or whipped cream like crepes.
Now if only I can inspire my 9-year-old to start cooking dinner for me too....


janeannechovy said...

I am *totally* telling A about what Jared did, and hoping it will inspire him. :)

Jared said...

Wow! What an impressive boy you have on your hands. Hearing stories of responsible boys (especially as oldest children) gives me hope that someday Brig will play that role too. Was Jared always so responsible like that? Mature for his age?

Jared said...

That was actually Allyson commenting. Oops!

Caren said...

From your mother's stories, I think cooking at a young age runs in your family! Pancakes for dinner is good too! That is what we had last night.

Lara said...

I love it!

Bria is the same way. She LOVES to cook and experiment in the kitchen. She amazes me, because I really hate cooking.