Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why My Car is Cooler Than Yours

This was actually a few months ago: my car is even cooler now....
My sweet set o'wheels passed the 100,000 mile mark a few months ago. You may think that driving a minivan is not very cool (isn't that an Oak Ridge Boys song?) but that's because you didn't grow up driving this:
Which is worse: the van or the bangs?

Yes, this is the car that I drove to my first job as a receptionist. I even managed to park it inside the teeny parking spaces. I bet it gave customers a great impression of the company to have the blue beast parked in front.... So yes, I love my minivan. :)


JonJon said...

I choose your pants. Those are my favorite!

DLR said...

Van, bangs, or PANTS!