Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Morning Baltimore: Pre-Surgery

"Hungry for something that I can't eat... Good morning Baltimore!" - from Hairspray

Dave and I arrived in Baltimore on Sunday, December 12th. Beginning Monday morning Dave was on a clear-liquid-only diet. We spent Monday afternoon at the National Aquarium. (What better way is there to prepare for major surgery than by viewing sharks and giant stingrays?)

We finished Dave's last full day with two kidneys by window-shopping downtown, perusing a Borders, Filene's Basement and walking inside the Hard Rock Cafe. As Dave started to get hungry, we explored possible options that would fit within his dietary restrictions. It's truly amazing how few foods fall in the category of "clear liquid." After ascertaining that Starbucks Apple Cider is not a clear liquid (dangit- they put cream in it) and wandering around for a while we finally stopped in a P.F. Chang's to get warm. We've never wandered much further on their menu than Lettuce Wraps and Mongolian Beef, but while I ate Lettuce Wraps, Dave discovered that they have a lovely herbal tea and Chang's Chicken Noodle Soup-- a clear liquid, sort of. (Dave watching me eat lettuce wraps and not eating any-- after a whole day of no food-- goes under the list of "feats of superhuman strength".) So I had the chicken and noodles and Dave had the soup and it was actually quite delicious. And that was Dave's last "meal" as a two-kidneyed man.
My half of the soup. Yes the noodles look like translucent slugs, but they were really delish.
Isn't that the most awesome teapot you've ever seen? If every place had a teapot that cute I'd have to order herbal tea wherever I went!
 We finished our final celebratory "meal" by reading our fortune cookies. Dave's fortune: "A visit to a strange place will bring you renewed perspective."

 My fortune: "A faithful friend is a strong defense."

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