Thursday, December 2, 2010

little t american baker

Another catch-up post... this one about one of my favorite Portland bakeries. Located on SE Division, little t baker is the latest in my line-up of Portland carb-fix fetishes. I talked Dave into stopping by for a lunch supplement when we were in Portland one day a couple of months ago.
My favorite thing here, by far, is their baguette with butter. It is very simple but they nail it: just the right amount of crustiness outside with a soft, chewy interior. Paired with sea salt-topped butter, it is the perfect snack. I have tried several of their lunch sandwiches and one of their salads and they are fine, but not amazing. Honestly, putting toppings on the bread is just a distraction and kind of a shame. Their Sally Lunn bread is also incredible- kind of an American version of Brioche: eggy, cakey deliciousness but without the sweetness (which seems like it would be superfluous in this case).
The Continental: a "short and skinny" with butter and jam. No jam needed for me.
Great bread is a work of art.

I tried a coconut macaroon here once and didn't really like it: I think French macarons may have ruined coconut macaroons for me forever. On this visit I sampled the Orangiata (a Brioche orange roll). It was good, but honestly, I prefer the straight-out unadulterated crusty goodness of the "short and skinny" or the cakey Sally Lunn. The sweets are good here , but the bread is the real star of the show.
The Orangiata: a brioche orange roll.
Quick Rorschach blot test: What does this make you think of?
Yep, me too.

That said, "L'Oreo," their take on the chocolate sandwich cookie is quite amazing. We finished our lunch supplement with chocolatey goodness-- not your average sandwich cookie.
L'Oreo: This ain't your average sandwich cookie....

Heaven in a bite...

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