Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have been procrastinating posting about my Europe trip because I want to write the perfect post(s) that will completely capture the experience, not miss any important detail and include all of the best pictures. I am a terrible procrastinator and the more I want to do something perfectly, the more I tend to procrastinate it. One of my goals I am currently working on is to be less perfectionist. So I will do an intentionally-not-perfectionist first blog post about my Europe trip, hoping that if I can actually get started on it, the process won't seem quite so daunting. Here goes:

My Uncle George (bless his heart!) gave me a ride to San Francisco airport at 5:00 am on Monday morning, October 18th. I met up with my friend and travel companion, Ranell, (who was flying out of Portland) at JFK airport. Incidentally, there was a pigeon in the terminal. (I thought you'd want to know that.) We boarded the plane to London. Despite my giraffe-print travel pillow, I did not get much sleep on the way over. We couldn't get the light over our seat to turn off for several hours, even after procuring the flight attendant's assistance: she couldn't figure it out either (it was controlled by the video screen and ours was malfunctioning). We made it to London Heathrow in one piece, despite the lack of sleep. We got our bags, procured some British pounds from the ATM and met up with our car service to take us to the hotel.

Now that you have all of the important, exciting details about our trip aren't you satisfied??? :) I think this post satisfies even my requirements to be non-perfectionist: Boring, check. Mundane details, check. No pictures, check. :)

More to come....


Lorena said...

Please, more. You're an excellent writer:)

Ranell said...

Procrastination is a major downfall of mine, too. Hence all the awesome posts on my blog about our trip. I'm glad you're getting started. Now I'll have to race to catch up (aka attache a link on my blog to your posts!)