Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teaching Primary

Today Dave was asked to substitute teach Camryn's primary class. He had to take a conference call during the third hour of church so I ended up subbing for the sub. =]

Our lesson was "Jesus is the Good Shepherd." I began, as the lesson instructed, by holding up a picture of a shepherd with his sheep.

"Who is in this picture?," I asked.
"Jesus!" answered James.
"A Sheep Guy!" yelled out Bella.
"Good!" I answered. "And what is a person who watches sheep called?"
"A leper!" answered Hunter. "No-- a leopard!"

So our lesson was off to a rousing start. I dressed up as a shepherd, then they got to take turns dressing up and we played "Find the lost sheep." Then we went on a walk where I was the shepherd that they followed to the drinking fountain (baa-ing the whole way and occasionally going on all fours) on our way to find "Grass" to eat (green sour spaghetti candy that I ever-so-conveniently had on hand).

"Jesus said he is like our shepherd. How is he like a shepherd to us?"

James raised his hand high. "Last night I went to see 'Wall-E' and I have a toy of Wall-E at home."

"Yes, that's nice, but what does Jesus do for us that is like a shepherd for his sheep? He shows us the way to go and helps protect us. When we make wrong choices it is like we are lost sheep. What happens to us when we make wrong choices?"

"We go to priesthood prison!" Camryn said.

Out of the mouths of babes....


Tenise said...

Ha Ha HA!!! That's hilarious!! Those kids are funny. I remember when they were just starting primary last year.

Suzie Petunia said...

Sounds like a typical primary class to me! :) Kids can be so funny.