Friday, June 27, 2008

A Brief Travelogue

For the past few weeks I have been battling the urge to "catch-up" before I can write anything new. As a result... I haven't written anything. I guess I need to make at least a lame attempt to overcome my all-or-nothing tendencies and try to just write about now.

On Wednesday at about 1:30, we got back to Portland after our trip to Utah. We spent 25 consecutive hours en route after leaving St. George, Utah at 11:30 am the day before. The moral of the story is just buy plane tickets-- especially if you have an infant who still nurses. Jackson was remarkably good, all things considered, but it was a loooooong trip. We stopped in Beaver at Dairy Queen for a quick lunch, refuel and snack purchase. Then we stopped again in Nephi for gas, in Spanish Fork for bottle liners, at random places to feed Jackson, in Bountiful for a quick dinner with Dave's parents (where we were able to fix a well-timed diaper disaster from Jackson), and then 3 times in the next 3 hours at random places off of the highway to change poopy diapers (I think his apple-prune juice did its work.). We passed through Boise at about midnight and went on to Ontario (Oregon-- not Canada) before crashing at a Motel 6 for a precious 6 hours of sleep. At 7:00 am we were back on the road. After quick stops at a gas station in Pendleton and at the Troutdale Burgerville (which is remarkably far from the highway, despite what the signs would have you believe) for lunch and strawberry milkshakes, we finally made it back home.

After all of that toil, Dave did-- sort of-- get back for work on Wednesday. We are supposed to leave for Utah again in less than a month for Dave's family reunion. After spending 25 hours on the road, $50 on a motel and $400 on gas, I just bought plane tickets.

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Lara said...

Smart girl. Some things just aren't worth it. :)

I remember we drove up to San Francisco when Chloe was 3 months old and while she was good for a lot of the trip, there was a 3 hour stretch where she just didn't stop crying, no matter how much I fed or changed her. She just didn't like being in her carseat anymore! :)