Monday, June 30, 2008

My Sister's Keeper

I was just putting the kids to bed and was getting really frustrated with Camryn because she had not gotten into her pajamas like I had asked her. She said that she couldn't get in her jammies because she could only find shirts but no shorts to wear. (If that was the case, why didn't she tell me 10 minutes before when I first asked her to get in her jammies while I was nursing Jackson?)

I was getting frustrated with her and it didn't help that it was already way past bedtime. I finally went to go look for some pajamas for her, threatening that she was going to be in big trouble if they were there and she just hadn't looked hard enough. Just as I came into her room, I saw Jared sitting on Camryn's bed with her where she had been crying. He was holding up a pair of his pajama shorts, telling her that she could wear them because they were too small for him.

It was just a simple gesture, but I thought it was very sweet. I was touched that he would think about Camryn and try to help her and keep her from getting in trouble.

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Susan said...

That was absolutely beautiful.What a loving brother! It's times like these when you wouldn't trade motherhood for anything. Life at its purest.