Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Email from Susan

Susan sent this funny email about Jared last week:

Hi Fam-
Karen, Laurel, and the kids arrived at our house on Friday night. It was so fun to see little Jackson, who is growing up fast. On Sunday we had 15 for dinner to celebrate Fathers Day: Dad, Jeanette's family, Karen, Laurel and kids, and Bruce and I. We had a great time together. This afternoon Karen, Laurel, and Jackson drove to St. George to prepare for Laurel's father's 90th birthday party on Saturday. Jared and Camryn are staying here with us until Friday, when they'll drive down to St. George with David (if he is able to fly in) or with Karen's cousins.

As we sat down to dinner, Jared sighed and said,
"It's really good for me and Camryn to get a break from our Mom and Dad once in awhile. It's quieter when they're not here. When they're around there's a lot of bossing going on. You boss us sometimes, but not too much."

I stand warned about not doing too much bossing! And, I guess David and Karen are a noisy couple, whereas J and C are very quiet kids!

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Lara said...

Oh my gosh. That is too funny.

thanks for your sweet note on Facebook. I know those things, but am having a really hard time lately being patient. It really helps to hear others' experiences, because I know we all have them.