Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Addy-Cakes

"Baby" Adelyn will turn 18 months old next week. Addy, also known as "Addy-Cakes," is a full-blown toddler now-- even though she still gets treated as the baby of the family. She likes to think that she is one of the "big kids." She keeps herself busy tagging along after the older kids and exploring our house and everything in it. Emptying cupboards and drawers, opening DVD cases, unzipping my purse and exploring its contents, pulling hairbands out of her hair, pushing computer keys, opening file cabinets and dumping their contents, pushing remote control buttons, smooshing bananas in her hair and drinking milk are among her favorite activities.

Other favorite pastimes include dropping food or other objects down her sleeper,
giving hugs or riding around on mommy's hip,
calling random people on mom's cell phone--or turning any object with buttons into a "phone," 
eating oranges (she takes bites out of the peel but she eventually spits those out) and...
giving huge smiles.

She's a busy girl!

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