Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Days

  • You cook a nice main dish but run out of energy before you can make a vegetable. 
  • Jackson screeches, "I want milk. I want milk! I want milk!!!" like a broken record during the first half of dinner, despite your calm assurances that you will get him his milk cup as soon as he starts eating his other food. (No an all-milk diet is not a great option, Jackson.)
  • Your keys that have the mail key on them are still missing after two days. Gosh, could it be from one of the umpteen times my purse has been dumped?
  • Just as you're cleaning up from dinner Addy starts projectile barfing all over the couch.
  • You get Addy bathed, cleaned up and in fresh pajamas only to have her barf again, this time all over the carpet, the floor and her pajamas. (How did she have anything left? The first barf was pretty big by itself...)
  • You lose it and yell "NOOOO!!!" out loud at the sight of the second barf.
  • Your nine-year-old takes pity on you and asks, "Do you need some help, mom?" (Yes. Some serious mental help.)
  • Your nine-year-old helps clean up the barf on the floor and then makes a sign that says: "Caution! Wet floor! Thank you! Not: Barf. Is: Cleaned/Wiped up barf"


Emily said...

aww! Love the little sign. :)

Jared and Allyson said...

Love it! I'm so glad to see that my life isn't all that different from someone elses. Good luck!

Rebecca said...