Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Another Way I Like To Make My Life Harder

I have a tradition every year of making a photo calendar for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas. Not just any photo calendar, mind you. The photo for each month is a carefully-selected, painstakingly-cropped-and-crafted collage of pictures from that month the year before. (Now would not be an appropriate time to tell me that I could do basically the same thing in Picasa in a fraction of the time.) Of course, this project always falls right during the holidays when I have oh-so-much free time. But this is the 7th (or has it been more?) year that I have done it and it is one of the few traditions that I always keep (along with my tradition of promising myself that next year I will start the dang thing earlier than Dec. 15th).

Yes, I finished this Christmas present on January 3rd (and that doesn't take the time to have it processed and shipped...), but, hey- I actually finished it. Since I spent hours and hours putting it together, I am going to also make it into a blog post (double whammy!).

Our Family Calendar 2011
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