Friday, January 28, 2011

A Night Out

Recently Dave and I went on a date to the symphony. Dave had gotten me tickets for my Christmas present this year. We went to hear one of my all-time favorite pieces: Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto. To make it even better, Emmanuel Ax was the soloist. The music was absolutely fantastic and it was a great evening.

We went to dinner at a nice restaurant.

 I dressed up and was ready for a night on the town.
 ...with only one small catch.
It wasn't until halfway through the evening that I looked down and realized that there was one teensy detail that wasn't quite right...

"One of these things is not like the other..."
Oops. For future reference, don't grab dress shoes of the shoe rack without taking a closer look. I guess this falls under my bucket list "101 Ways You Know You're a Mom."


Lara said...

Yay for amazing nights out, even with mismatching shoes!

I did the same thing last week...left the house with two different (and yet, VERY similar) boots on. Sigh.

Rebecca said...


sasquatch said...

It's happened to Linda several times. It means you have too many shoes! ;-)

Caren said...

That is funny. Usually it is the guys with mismatched socks.