Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mini Golf Family Night

For Family Night on Monday while we were in California, Grandpa and I took the kids to Golfland for some mini golf. Jared and Camryn were quite enamored with the concept (although it took a few minutes to teach them to putt instead of swinging their clubs over their heads like they were playing Wii golf). Even Jackson was intrigued enough by watching us to sit happily in his stroller the entire time.

Miniature Golf, while something I find quite enjoyable, is not one of my talents. It ranks up with bowling and eyebrow maintenance as one of the activities for which I am doomed for eternal mediocrity. I once went bowling on a double date and tried to warn my companions that I was the world's worst bowler. I didn't add credence to my story by scoring a strike on my first bowl. By the end of the game, I managed to prove that my first bowl was pure luck, by scoring somewhere in the low 60s. The other girls' date was even making fun of how bad I was by the end. But I digress....

I was really worried at the beginning of the game that I was going to get trounced by my 7-year-old and 6-year-old who have only played once or twice. However, even though my dad got the best score and I may stink at mini-golf, at least I proved I am still good enough to beat completely inexperienced grade-schoolers... for now. =] I guess we all have to have our weaknesses.


J D C and N said...

So can I just say I immediately recognized where you were? Good ol' Golfland! I think that's where I went on my first date. haha Glad you had a good time (even though you may not be an avid miniature golfer!)

Jadie said...

This post made me laugh! Sadly, I can relate to the bowling/putt-putting incompetence... ;)