Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing in Action

I haven't posted for a while because since Saturday night we have had family in town. This year we are hosting Dave's family for the annual family reunion. So rather than blogging, this week has been spent hanging out, making delectable meals, having fun with the fam and going on fun day trips. This also means that the previous two weeks were spent in a mad-dash attempt to clean, sort, organize, re-decorate, hang pictures and otherwise try to create the facade that our house is always calm, clean and orderly---- er, uh, I mean they were ACTUALLY spent in refined, graceful and elegant living, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share our relaxed and elegant life with Dave's family. Really. ;)

I have been praying that we would have good weather this week and our fun plans would not be dashed by a surprise deluge of July rain (not out of the question here). Unfortunately, I must have prayed a little too hard and not been quite specific enough in my prayer: we have had beautiful, gorgeous sunny days all week-- and record-shattering heat. It was 107 degrees on Tuesday and it has been over 100 almost every single day. Pretty much unheard-of for this area. Note to self: when you pray for weather, make sure to be more careful -and specific- next time.

Luckily we have good air-conditioning and have had two beach trip days as well as an indoor excursion, so we have been surviving quite nicely in spite of the heat. The one exception was on Wednesday. After we went to the science museum, we headed downtown to get some croissants from my favorite bakery. What should have been a 5 minute drive took us an hour between horrendous rush hour traffic and making way for fire trucks. After sweltering in our cars sitting in traffic for an hour, we finally made it to the bakery two minutes before it closed. It turns out that the fire was in a building across the street from the bakery (which would explain why the traffic was so horrendous getting there, even on the smaller side streets).

After our hour-long ordeal of sweltering heat and traffic, we were still able to snag the last few croissants, some pound cake and even scored two bags full of bread that there were giving away because they were about to close. I guess even the best-laid plans can be foiled. I mean... I totally planned it that way. I was just trying to add excitement to our trip. How cool that we got to see firefighters and get free bread-- while experiencing this area's hottest heat wave ever! Luckily, it wasn't anything that dinner in an air-conditioned Sweet Tomatoes with a soft-serve ice cream machine couldn't fix.

I'll have to post more about our fun day trips when I get a chance... that is, after the reunion is over, after I finish posting about our trip to California, after I post pictures of our cruise to Alaska (from a month ago) and after I clean out the three-laundry-baskets-full of stuff hiding in my closet that never quite found a home before the reunion.


Jadie said...

LOL! Fun post! I can't wait to see the pix from Alaska...

Cindy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Great tallent for blogging and your discription of your Alaska Adventures was better reading than a travel mag/brochure. I enjoyed all the other stuff you wrote about house cleanning as well. You have a great tallent for putting how we moms feel on a daily basis, at least I too feel that way. Nice way to get to know you.