Friday, May 8, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted. We went on a 9-day trip to Utah for my sisters' and sister-in-law's graduation (yes, 3 at one time) and for a little family reunion. This was followed by the usual post-trip-recovery issues. I think I finally have everything unpacked.... I've been trying to find time to post some pictures and write something about our trip. I've also been trying to find some time to post other funny experiences, such as my copies-at-the-library adventure or some of the latest Jared and Camryn quotes. Alas, other projects and duties have been absorbing my time and energy and to get a real post you'll just have to wait for another day (You'll be waiting with bated breath, I'm sure...) =]


Kathy said...

I'm holding my breath so PLEASE HURRY!!!!!

LCM said...

We used to joke about the grandma grandpa high. Like however long we were at their house, it would a certain amount of days for the girls to return to normal behavior. How fun for you get to hang out with family.