Sunday, May 31, 2009

Half A Post, Lost and Found

(This post is a repost of a draft I found in my email inbox dated 12/8/2009 --more than 4 years after I wrote it. Still unfinished. But at least I can delete the email draft 5 years later.)

Rather than doing the practical thing and trying to keep up with my current events, I am going to make a lame attempt to catch up with the events I have missed.A few weeks ago, on May 16th, we had a visit from Papa (Dave's maternal Grandpa). Papa drove out here from Utah and we were one stop on his multi-city west coast tour. Papa arrived on Friday while Dave was finishing up a business trip to San Jose. The kids and I took Papa for the grand tour of Sherwood... including such notable locations as Jared's elementary school, our old house and our new house. We finished our tour with the compulsory trip to Burgerville for yummy hamburgers and milkshakes. We took our meal to the park for a picnic. Dave got back late on Friday night, so Saturday morning we were off to see Portland. We took Papa to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), the local hands-on science museum. Dave and Jared spent a long time in the chemistry lab doing all of the experiments together. Jackson didn't do any experiments but he put on some safety goggles, just in case. After catching an amazing juggling show and making a lame attempt (on my part) to learn to juggle afterward, we left OMSI and took Papa to Multnomah Falls. The weather was sunny and beautiful and the waterfall was pouring at full capacity-- the crowds were at full capacity too. Dave dropped us off and then spent a while looking vainly for a parking space. After Dave finally found the coveted parking space, we began the hike up to the top of the falls, with Jackson happily riding in his stroller.Trip to Bob's red mill... making veggie soup compared to mom making lentils..hope of israel... the next choir practice with four adults besides me.jared's school concert, camryn's preschool graduation. A little out of my comfort zone and experience with primary songs when the kids sang "God our Father had a son and Jesus was his name-oh. J-E-S-U-S"....princess party.How to be lame in two easy steps: trip down stairs, buy a pooh bear book for Camryn, "Mom, I don't like Pooh Bear. That's for babies!"Quotes of the Week:Jared: "Don't boss me around on how to sing it. My music teacher taught it to me and he is a professional!"huge batch o pudding.[I seem to recall that I had tried making "Pudding on the Rice" style rice pudding, with lots of whipped cream in it. It was good, but the kids wouldn't eat it and we ended up having tons of it for weeks....]

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