Thursday, May 14, 2009

Utah Reunion Part 2: Jackson's Escape

Camryn and Jared took advantage of our post-graduation photo-op to climb a tree outside the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Jackson took advantage of our photo session to make a run for the border. His escape plot was unfortunately foiled (actually, all 10 of them during the photo shoot). His escape attempt during gradation was somewhat more successful.... Near the end of convocation (you have no idea how long they spent just reading names...) I had run out of leverage from bribing with treats and finally had to get Jackson out of his stroller. He was mostly fine, playing in the row and finally, it was over. But, Dave and I both made the critical mistake of closing our eyes during the benediction at the end. We opened our eyes and within a few seconds realized that someone was missing. We looked up and down our row, extended our search into the aisles and soon realized that Jackson was nowhere to be found. We formed several search parties to comb the hordes of people leaving the Wilkinson Center Ballroom. We finally found Jackson a few minutes later, happily wandering around the Cougareat.


Jacki said...

AAH! Panic! Glad you found him!!

Greek Goddess said...

How scary. I hate those moments. Glad everything went well in the end.