Friday, April 17, 2009

Jackson's To-Do List

I don't think grown-ups appreciate how jam-packed our schedules are as toddlers. We have so much to get done and we have to try to work around moms who are always getting in the way. It's amazing that I can do what I do with so much interruption! Today I will give you a brief example of how busy my life is. Here is my to-do list:

-Eat breakfast. Try to get mom to understand that "uuuuh" means "I want an egg" and "eeeeerrrrrh" means "more pear, please." Adults are so slow on the draw!
-See how far I can hurl the leftover food on my tray before mom sees me and takes it away. How will I ever be a major-league pitcher without serious practice?
-Do everything I can to keep mom from getting me dressed. I know it's probably a losing battle, but it's worth a try.
-Search the house for any bathroom with an open door. Pull the white toilet caps (that cover the screws that keep the toilet in the floor) off and drop them in random places in the house.
-Take the handles off of mom and dad's bathtub. Drop in a hard-to-find spot, such as a drawer.
-Follow Camryn around and try to get into whatever she is doing.
-Open all of the cupboards in mom's bathroom while she is getting ready and dump any towels, razors or other stuff in there on the floor.
-Take advantage of the time while mom is distracted on the computer to dump everything you can reach on her desk to the floor. Whine until she picks you up and then go for the mouse. Click as fast as you can and you might open something cool.
-Get the kleenex box from mom's nightstand and empty it as fast as you can. (Again, this is really hard to do effectively with a mom that constantly interrupts.)
-Take trains from the train table and hurl them across the room. (Got to get your pitching practice in!)
-Make mom's piano playing sound better by adding your own part.
-Pull mom's music books off the shelf, turn pages, and rip.
-Help mom fold laundry. If you don't work really hard, it will get into funny-looking folded piles instead of the big heaps that are great for jumping in.
-Jump in laundry piles.
-Watch mom re-fold laundry and yank on her ponytail.
-Watch for when Camryn opens the door to wait for the school bus. RUN for the front door and get outside before mom can catch you.
-Eat lunch. Try to get mom to understand that "uuuh" does NOT mean egg, it means potato with cheese. "Eeerrrh" does NOT mean pear, it means graham cracker! Sheesh!
-Pull off bib and smear lunch all over shirt.
-Dump contents of sippy cup onto tray. Splash water all over self and floor.
-Hurl remaining raisins and bread pieces from lunch onto the floor until mom gets you down from the high chair.
-While mom eats her lunch, scavenge the kitchen for tasty-looking scraps of food on the floor (See, my system of food storage works!)
-Do your best to get the lid of the garbage can open and take out whatever's inside.
-Get mom to think you will go down for your nap so she'll give you a bottle, but pop up as soon as the milk is finished.
-Run in crazy circles around the upstairs.
-Get into Jared's room and try to eat rocks from his rock collection.
-Pull clothes off the hangers in mommy's closet.
-Get a clothes hanger and loop the end through mommy's belt loop. Pull hard!
-Pick up the transmitter to baby monitor and carry it through the house to find some random place to dump it.
-Pretend to go down for nap. Do a big stinky in diaper so mom has to come get you out of the crib and change you.
-Take as short a nap as possible.

See, we're only to naptime and look how much I have to get done! I tell you, grown-ups do not appreciate how busy we are and how much we have to cram in to so little time!


Jen said...

And to think, all I have done today is take a final and study ...

Kathy said...

okay- I'm in need of a nap after reading that! Jackson is a busy little bundle of love!

Jacki said...

Oh- so funny! Play is a child's work- so I guess Jackson is working overtime!! (you can blame that on Dave- right?)

Jadie said...

They are soooo busy! I can relate to this 100%.