Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darkest Before Dawn

Our spring break last week got off to an inauspicious start. Dave had "the week off" because of a forced shutdown for work (a cost-cutting measure). As it was, he spent Monday and Tuesday working 12 hour days from home. Jackson came down with a horrible cold, waking up several times a night. He had perma-boogers stuck under his nose and screeched at any attempts to clean him up. I made brave attempts to be cheerful, even having some friends over for lunch on Monday, but it just plain stunk. The older kids spent hours playing MarioKart on the Wii while I tried to soothe Jackson and not bemoan my fate too badly. Much as I felt like we needed a break and some family time, Dave was working like a maniac, unpaid, as his company bled him of all of his precious paid time off and my hopes of going somewhere or doing something fun with him for spring break were slowly fading.

But then, Jackson's cold started to get better. Dave unexpectedly finished his work project. We left on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week in Seattle. We had four fabulous days of fun together, seeing the sights and eating delicious food. Dave only answered a handful of emails during the entire trip! We stayed and played, having fun with the kids and with each other. The trip couldn't have gone any better. I guess it just shows that you shouldn't give up hope too quickly- you never know when something great is around the corner! More on our trip to come....

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Jadie said...

I'm glad the week turned around for you! And you were able to enjoy Dave for four uninterrupted days!!