Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cause for Pause

On our way home from Seattle last Saturday (yes, I really will write more about it and post some pictures) we stopped to get some lunch. The kids were thrilled with McD's, but I felt like Quizno's and there was one handy, so we stopped and I ran in to pick up a sandwich.

Apparently, in Federal Way, Washington there is a new law that restaurants with a certain number of outlets must display the calories in each item prominently on their menu. So I went in to order my favorite Chicken Bacon Honey Mustard toasty sandwich and was horrified to see that the regular size I was planning on ordering had a mere 850 calories. Ouch. So instead of being quick like I had promised, I stood there gaping at the menu, wondering if I really wanted that sandwich 850 calories worth. I finally ended up changing my order to get 2 sammies (200 calories each) and a side salad (zero calories), eating it with barely any dressing.

Part of me curses the person who had to go and take the enjoyment out of eating out, but another part of me acknowledges that the post-baby rubber tire around my middle would probably get smaller faster if I had to face how many calories I was actually consuming every time I ordered food.


Jadie said...

Wow! That'd stop me in my tracks too!! Even if you cut that baby in half, that's still quite the meal!

LCM said...

I like to pretend that any samples I eat at the store don't have calories. There's one place around here that had pudding cake, chocolate chocolate cookies, german chocolate cake and cherry pie. I can't even imagine the caloric intake on it. They were sample sized pieces. I am wishy washy too on finding out.