Saturday, October 25, 2008

What does your family really think of you?

I got this quiz from SuziePetunia. J is 7, C is 5, JJ is 11 months old. D is my husband. My personal favorites are C's answer to #1 and J and C's answer to #6.

1. What does mom always say?
J: That's a good question. Um, I love you.
C: We're going to Connie's house.
JJ: uh-doo
D: I'm tired.

2. What makes mom happy?
J: When we obey you
C: My pictures and cards I make
JJ: Uz-ziss-uh
D: Peace and quiet

3. What makes mom sad?
J: When we disobey you
C: When I don't give her any of those things
JJ: uh-zuss
D: Out of control kids, not being in control

4. How does mom make you laugh?
J: That's uh, I don't know.
C: I don't know (shrugging shoulders.) Mom-- don't write that! MOM!! Erase those things!
JJ: (Grunt)
D: Telling stories about the kids or about your life

5. How old is mom?
J: 26
C: 29
JJ: duh-doo
D: 29

6. How tall is mom?
J: Um. Can't be 20 feet. About, I think... um 8 feet. [Camryn: "That's WAY too small!"]
C: (shrugs) 60 feet
JJ: huh-zee-la-la-la
D: 5'5" point zero

7. What does mom like to do?
J: Go to OMSI [Oregon Museum of Science and Industry]
C: Play with Jackson. Play with us!
JJ: huh-HUH
D: You like to type your blog. You like to relax on the LoveSac

8. What is mom's job?
J: To take care of the children
C: Write on the computer. Pay our taxes.
JJ: uh-zah
D: (alarmed look, like "I hope this isn't misinterpreted") taking care of the kids, shopping, finances, managing the house... I think that's a pretty good list.

9. What is mom's favorite food?
J: Lasagna [???!!?]
C: (Shrugs) Squash. Salad. [prodding from me] Cake.
JJ: hot
D: I don't know if it's your favorite, but the one you talk about the most when we go out to eat is Creme Brulee

10. How do you know your mom loves you?
J: Because she says good night to me
C: Because I'm part of your family.
JJ: uhhhheeeeeeee
D: Just how you act in general... you make me nice dinners, you hold me =]


Lara said...

So fun! You are one tall woman. :) I think my kids only thought I was 8 feet tall or so.

I love that you asked your husband the questions too. And the baby. I loved the baby's answers best.

Jadie said...

"Relax" on the LoveSac, eh?!! ;)