Friday, October 10, 2008

Way to Impress

Yesterday was Jared and Camryn's first parent-teacher conferences at school. I, in all of my remarkable foresight and efficiency, scheduled them back to back at 10:00 and 10:20, and had a babysitter arranged for Jackson and Camryn. I showed up, right on time, but I couldn't remember whose conference was first. I went to Jared's classroom. The teacher, looking surprised to see me, informed me that my conference was yesterday and I had missed it, but she could probably squeeze me in today.

She must have been confused. I had purposely scheduled both of them back to back.... Maybe it was just that Camryn's was first and Jared's teacher had written it down wrong. I went to Camryn's classroom. "How nice to see you," her teacher said, "but I think your conference was yesterday. I can probably squeeze you in, though."

So yes, I had scheduled both conferences on Wednesday, but written them down on Thursday by accident (how I managed to do this when I got a reminder sheet, looked at it and checked the calendar is beyond me...). Luckily, both teachers were still able to fit me in for a conference. But so much for remarkable foresight and efficiency....

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LCM said...

OH, how embarrassing. Because things like this happen, whenever I arrive early for something, usually a church thing, I always wonder if I got the day wrong. At least you got the conferences taken care of. They used word of mouth for their open house down here and I told the girls, if they really wanted us there, they would've sent home a note...right? Of course we missed both open houses.