Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stock and Save?

Against my better judgment, I just made another attempt at attacking the Albertson's stock up sale with 3 kids in tow. Has anyone ever noticed that one's ability to count the items in one's cart and make sure they add up to multiples of ten is seriously impaired by the number of children with you? I'm not one to think that counting to 10 should be a trying endeavor... but I seem to spend more time at Albertson's counting to 3 (as in "Put that back by the count of 3 or else!").

I'm back and alive, but this trip was much less successful than my last trip to Albertson's (minus two of the kids) where I paid $35 for my $90 of groceries (coupon doubling oh yeah!). Today I either forgot or couldn't find several of the coupons that I was going to use and made about 7 trips back and forth across the store to get items I forgot. During the last 15 minutes of this shopping extravaganza Jackson was balanced on my left hip as I tried to steer the cart with one hand and nagged Camryn to stop hanging on the side of the cart so I could push it straight.

When I finally got out of the store I asked myself, "What am I really going to do with 10 cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls? Sure they are good, but they are not exactly going to help me lose my baby weight. Sure they went from $1.50 to $1.00 a can if you bought 10, plus I had a couple of coupons, but is that really 'saving'? Wouldn't it still be cheaper to eat oatmeal instead of buying 10 boxes of cereal at $1.50 a box? On the other hand, have I ever actually gotten up early enough to make Jared oatmeal before he gets on the bus?" Hmmm, point taken. Besides, in terms of food storage it would be a lot easier and tastier to eat cold cereal than plain oatmeal in an emergency.

So which is it? Are stock and save sales a great chance to save or just a great chance to spend more money?


Jacki said...

I have an oatmeal tip! (We have plenty of the Albertsons $1.50 cereals though- believe me!!) My kids just sometimes want oatmeal!! So you use a larger cereal bowl (if it's not big enough then it will oevrflow and you'll get to clean the microwave) and put 1/2 cup oatmeal and 1/2 cup plus 1/8 cup water (just estimate with the 1/2 cup to do the 1/8 cup). Put it in the microwave and cook for 2 minutes. It makes the perfect single serving and better still- My kids do this all by themselves! I just get to wash the bowls =)

K kid said...

Did I ever mention that you are my hero, Jacki? =] Ever since you told me that you have your boys wipe down the bathrooms with clorox wipes every night. I'll have to try having Jared make his own oatmeal- I bet he could do it. My kids like oatmeal as long as it has applesauce and cinnamon in it. Weird, huh?