Thursday, July 17, 2008

To the Coast

Today I took my friend Stephanie (who is visiting from BYU for the Portland Piano Festival) to the Oregon Coast with the kids in tow. We went to Tillamook-- yes, that Tillamook, as in the cheese. We went to a small cheese company that makes brie and then to the Tillamook factory itself.

When we got to the Blue Heron Cheese company, Jared started complaining like I've never seen (I found out after we got home tonight that he stayed up late last night reading... and it showed!). "But mom! I don't want to go to this place! I want to go to the beach. If we waste time here, we won't have enough time at the beach. I want to go to the beach for at least 8 hours!" After we actually got out and he discovered that there were animals to pet, chocolates to eat and cheese to try, he was a little more cheerful. We followed with the Tillamook cheese factory: there were observation windows to watch the work inside the factory and buying ice cream cones of Tillamook ice cream certainly didn't hurt.

Incidentally, it was cloudy and cold all morning, but by the time we got to the beach it was beautiful... even if we didn't get to spend 8 hours there.

Jared after collecting 3 Transformer Happy Meal toys: "Mom, I'm going to save these transformer toys until I'm really old, like 50 or something. Then, I bet they will be worth millions. I will sell them for maybe 5,000 and 5. Yeah, I think they will be worth millions."

Me: "Good night, Camryn!"
Camryn: "But mom, I need to tell you something!"
Me: "What, Camryn?"
Camryn: (long pause) "Good night! I love you. Have a good sleep. See you in the morning when the sun comes up. [pause] That wasn't it."

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