Monday, July 14, 2008

A Chat

Yesterday after church I was checking my facebook page and an old friend popped up to chat with me. As I was chatting, Jared came in and started whining about when we were going to have dinner. I told him I would make it in a few minutes. It soon became apparent that Jared was both hungry and cranky, as he kept bugging me to make him dinner NOW. I told him, "Jared, I will make you dinner as soon as I finish this. I'm talking with a friend." "How can you be talking, mom?" he retorted, "What is she going to do, pop out of the computer?" I typed to my friend that I probably needed to get off and make dinner as Jared was starting to get upset and was demanding his dinner. Jared read what I wrote and whined, "Don't write what I said!!! I don't want you to say it. Make what I said go away!" Hmmm, definitely dinner time.

As I finished up my chat, Jared said, "Mom, you spend way too much time playing on the computer." "I'm not playing on the computer, Jared," I responded, then I caught myself, realizing that was only true in the most literal sense. Jared continued, "Mom, I think you need to have a whole week with no computer." Getting off the computer, I said, "Jare, getting on the computer is what I do to have fun. I don't usually watch TV and I don't play Wii, so when I want to have fun, I talk to friends or play games with them on the computer. I don't do it all the time. But, do you think it would be fair if all I ever did was make dinner and clean the house and I never got to have fun? Would you like to go for a whole week without playing Wii?"

"Well mom," he said, "you don't let ME play on the computer when I want to... and it's already been a couple of days since I've played Wii." (Ah, the truth comes out-- he wants me to get off the computer so HE can play it....).

"Really? I thought you played Wii with daddy yesterday morning and again in the afternoon?" "Oh, yeah," he mumbled, "I forgot."


Jadie said...

I've had this same conversation several times with my kids! What is it that bugs them so much about seeing their mommies on the computer? I answer the same way that you do, but they don't seem to buy it! What to do?

Jadie said...

PS: I'm Jennifer Schafer, in case you were wondering who this Jadie person was!

Emily said...

Oh, cute, cute Karen! How old are you kids now? I'm really looking forward to when my child(ren) say funny and entertaining things like that. :)